About Me

I am Charlie’s Mama.

In 2016, at the end of a healthy (but miserable) pregnancy, my son Charlie’s heartbeat was suddenly gone. Since then, our lives have been a whirlwind of learning about pregnancy and infant loss, grieving our beautiful little boy, and figuring out who we are now.

This blog is about me, so I post about many things: one of them is that loss. Many posts in this blog hope to introduce you to my perspective on life after full-term stillbirth, so many of my posts revolve around grief, dealing with grief, and the types of interactions I have with the world based on that part of my life.

Originally this blog was my sewing and knitting blog, and I still do those hobbies, so some posts are still about that. I have been sewing for many years, primarily for reenacting (or, as a kid, dress-up) opportunities. Over the years I tried other ways of showing people what I made when they asked. I even tried carrying around a photo album sometimes! But it wasn’t until I started a blog that it was easier to show people what I make. Currently, my interests focus on American Civil War (early 1860s) women’s clothing, as well as some medieval clothing, lots of knitting, a bit of crocheting, and generally doodling about with fiber arts.

I also occasionally include posts about books I’ve read, events in my life, and other things I hope you’ll find interesting!

Please explore, please comment, and I really hope you’ll find something in the blog for you: whether perspective, a kindred spirit based on our experiences, or just looking at my knitting.