New autumn, new projects

Well, greetings again to everyone who comes here to visit.

It has been quite a while since I posted last… I have many reasons, but no excuse! But now that my hectic summer has settled down to a merely busy fall, I believe that you will be seeing more of me!

I recently moved to a new apartment, and one of the joys of settling in was finding a place for my loom, my spinning wheel, my sewing machine (yes, sigh, I don’t hand-sew everything), and my oodles and oodles of fabric and half-done projects!

Some upcoming ones to look forward to:
~ a blue gown of wool
~ a red surcote of wool to top it (perhaps to be edged with rabbit fur)
~ a white linen undergown
and many other bits and pieces from the past as I find each and photograph it.

I hope everyone’s fall semester (or quarter, or just fall…) is off to a good start!
Adieu for now,

Most sincerely yours,

~ Sarah

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