10 Dates That Trigger Your Grieving Friend

10 Dates That Trigger Your Grieving Friend
image of calendar with a date circled, and a pop up reminder saying "memory surfacing, acknowledge?" with two buttons to accept or ignore.

Dear friends, This is something you may not know: each month, there is a particular day on which I think of Charlie more. Not that I’m sad, per se, but he’s just on my mind more. It’s the day of the month he was born on – he was born in June 19th, so on

Support and How I Changed

Support and How I Changed

(Topic: grief after loss support, holidays) Our mantle, stockings, and present area – no tree this year. Hi Friends, This year is different. This is our 4th Christmas after Charlie died, and every year has been different, but this year is really different. For the last 3 years, my reaction to Christmas has been what

Cardboard Chic – House Tour

(Topic: Moving) Hi Friends, Currently, my living room aesthetic is “cardboard chic” – available at your local packing supplies dealer! Yep, still working on unpacking from the move I mentioned several weeks ago. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been fairly quiet on here. Several reasons: One, I didn’t want to give exact dates of

Father’s Day Is Hard For Us

(Topic: Grief, dealing with grief, triggers, pictures, loss, stillbirth, pregnancy and infant loss) Hi Friends, Charlie was born on Father’s Day. This weekend is so, so hard for us, every year. It’s odd, how my mind works. It doesn’t know what date Thursday was that year, or Friday, or Saturday – I only remember the

Not Weak OR Strong: Filling My Toolbox

(Topic: Vocabulary, Definitions) Hi Friends, A few weeks ago, I posted about the word “strong”, and how it applies to me. Or more specifically, I expressed my frustration that the word has two meanings – but that the meanings are completely opposite. I had several friends comment or chat with me, saying they thought I

Am I Strong?

(Topic: grief, strength, definitions) Hi Friends, Several times recently, I have been told I am strong. Over the last few years, it’s happened a few times more. Most frequently I have been told this by strangers, who don’t know anything about me, and who have just heard about Charlie – and if I’m not crying,

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on my Mind at Once – Plus Tips on How to Support a Grieving Loved One

(Topic: grief, holidays, support) I know a mama who planted an azalea for every one of her babies who died. This one in my yard makes me think of her. Hi Friends, This post is a bit later than I’d intended, because this week is a tough one for loss families of many kinds. Being

Thoughts about Easter

(Topics: Grief and Anxiety, mental health, Easter/Religion, cemeteries) Hi Friends, The other day, I spent the day with Charlie. I have been feeling really, really sad and overwhelmed lately. Sometimes, when I’m feeling heavy, it’s very hard for me to figure out why – and knowing why makes it easier for me to either live

Searching for Silver Linings

(Topic: life after loss) Hi Friends, If you lost your favorite sweater, would you appreciate me saying, “at least it was one that wasn’t flattering”? No, you would likely appreciate it much more if I said, “I’m so sorry, that really sucks. I hope you find it.” Not that when someone dies, you can just