More possible Civil War hairstyles

Playing around with hair – May 2013.

This is just a rolled and pinned looser style, done right after my hair dried so that I have a lot of fullness and curl. The ribbon/lace thing is based loosely on a Godey’s illustration, and could be worn for fancy occasions.

Same style as above, sans decoration.
A hairstyle I found in my Dec. 1862 Godey’s.
Trying the style out! I couldn’t quite get the figure-8 on the back, though. I really like this style.
Another style I like is having the back braided and coiled, and the front smooth and down over the ears before wrapping around the bun. There is a picture in the book “Dressed for the Photographer” where you can see a lady having this hairstyle (approximately). Here I also braided in a ribbon, for fun!

Same as above, different angle.

Same as above, different angle.

And just for fun, a modern design: a french braid all the way around my head.

Same as above, other side.

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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