Remembrance Day, Gettysburg

Well, Ladies and Gents! This week was most auspicious. On November 19th, 1863, President Lincoln spoke a few words (after the main speaker had given a speech of nearly 2 hours, I believe!). His very short address became famous, and one of the weekends near the anniversary of his speech has become a recurring event,

Painesville, 2012

Reenactment in Painesville, Ohio, at the Lake County Historical Center! July 14th, 2012 (or 1862, if you prefer!). Tried to make sure the background was period appropriate! Back view. The bodice isn’t fitting quite right, but I think (hope) that mostly took care of itself with new underpinnings. The strange juxtaposition of troops marching, hoopskirts,

More possible Civil War hairstyles

Playing around with hair – May 2013. This is just a rolled and pinned looser style, done right after my hair dried so that I have a lot of fullness and curl. The ribbon/lace thing is based loosely on a Godey’s illustration, and could be worn for fancy occasions. Same style as above, sans decoration.

A Ball!

By February 2013 I had gotten my “ball” gown ready enough to wear. I’d been to a few reenactments (Summer 2012 – posts will follow at some point!), and was excited to hear about the Grand Military Ball in Canton, Ohio. (Edited to add: the ball is called the Ohio Regimental Military Ball [SK 2/17/2014])I

Learning possible Civil War hairstyles

Posting some older items, to catch up with what I’m working on now! I used this hairstyle for Painesville  2012. Data:– Type: 1860s Hairstyle– Date made: /– Pattern: braided + ringlets– Fabric: n/a– Trim: n/a– Time to finish: About an hour, I think.– Notes: This is at the end of the day, so the ringlets

Painesville reenactment, 2012/1862

Hello! Since I’ve now stepped into Civil War reenacting, during the 150th anniversary cycle, many of my posts from now on will be related to the Civil War era. I’ll also be trying to organize the blog a little better, so you may start to see “labels” applied to old posts too, which should make