Another Slat Bonnet

Hi ladies and gents!

This time I’m making a historical bonnet for a friend of mine, who wanted appropriate headwear for when she visits me at reenactment events. Okey-doke!

Oh, and by the way, 50th post. Not much I know, but a small landmark 🙂 A thank you to all the loyal readers I just lately discovered I actually have!! You guys are great! 🙂

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Garment Data:
– Type: Civil War style Slat Bonnet
– Date made: July/August 2014
– Pattern: Based on the bonnet from The Sewing Academy
– Fabric/Materials: A pink reproduction cotton print, with a nice crisp hand
– Trim: none
– Time to finish: oh, a few hours, I think, or so.

The front of the bonnet is at the bottom of the picture. In this picture, the bonnet is completely unfolded. The crescent is long enough to cover the back of the neck, and the front has a width that means it will shade your cheeks but not go too far down over your shoulders that it gets in the way. the front portion/brim is lined with muslin, and the slats only go down to about the ears. You can see the under-chin ties.
Here it is, folded along the top edge, so you can kind of see how it comes together. The left side is the brim, and the right side goes down  the back.

Now it’s tied, so you can see how it’s shaped! This is a view into the inside of the bonnet. The under-chin strings are visible – the outside strings on the back of the bonnet are what’s holding it in this shape.

And the completed beauty! On the right you can see how the outside ties form the puff for over the hair, gather the bonnet at the neck, and allow the rest to shade the neck and upper back.

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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