White and Blue Handtowel

White and Blue Handtowel

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends! This is a project I finished a while ago, but am finally getting around to sharing. This is the partner to the Blue and White Handtowel I told you about last May. It’s the exact same pattern, with my exact same yarns and color choices: just reversed! This is so I

Pan Handle Potholder

Pan Handle Potholder

(Topic: Crochet, sewing, cooking) Hi Friends! Recently we noticed that our cast iron pans with bare handles (as opposed to wooden handles) are easier to pick up when we have a dedicated potholder shaped like the handle rather than just wrapping one around it. I figured, that would be something easy to make! So I

Blue and White Handtowel

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends! I have been knitting a bunch this week. This particular pattern was nice and easy – I actually specifically picked it out to be one where I mostly don’t have to look at the pattern (unlike the green lacy cowl I am still plugging away at…), so it’s easier to do

Toddler Dress – Done!!

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends, Remember that knitted baby/toddler dress I was working on? I finished it!!!!! It came out really well. I’m really happy with it. I seamed using a whip stitch. I would have liked the blue stripe to line up a bit better. I think a mattress stitch would have helped, but I’m

I’m Nearly Done with the Toddler Dress!

(Topics: knitting) Hi Friends! Back in August, I posted about a dress I’d started making, but I only had about 3″ done. Well, I’m nearly there!! This is the beginning of the back piece, that I showed you last time. I decided to add the blue stripe. The beginning of the front. Notice that I’ve

Angel Mama Shirt

(Topic: Bereaved mothers, sewing, alterations) Hi Friends! Last year I got a T-shirt from a large online personalization/printing company that sells hats, shirts, mugs, mousepads… anything you could print and personalize. One of the designs they carry is a “Mother of an Angel” shirt! There are options out there, and this company’s shirt was one

Crocheted stripey scrap blanket

(Topic: Crocheting) Hi Friends, This is a project I’ve been doing for a long time (as in, many years).It started with some scrap cotton yarn I had, starting with a red stripe. Then I unraveled the (not stretchy non-wearable) socks, and those blues and yellows came next. Then I added some whole balls of cotton

Mommy and Me Apron

(Topic: Sewing, Teddy bear clothes) Hi Friends! Well, I had a migraine on Saturday and was busy on Sunday, so here’s the post I was supposed to finish on Saturday. Oops! This is a project I really, really enjoyed. This is the first matching outfit Pookie and I have. This is my apron. I did