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Hi Friends!

You’ve probably noticed the italic line at the bottom of my posts, and heard me mention that you can email subscribe. But what does this actually mean? Today I’ll just take a moment to explain, so you know why it might be a practical way to follow my blog for you.

First of all, as you are probably aware by now, this blog covers a wide range of topics, including anything from knitting, historical costuming, life post infant loss, and rambling musings. The first reason I’d like to suggest is that it allows you to choose whether a certain post covers topics you want to read, and allows you to be selective. How? When you get the email announcing that there is a new post (early evening of the day in which it was posted), you will see the title of the post, as well as a short snippet from the beginning. This allows you to get a sense of the topic, and you can also see if I’ve put any trigger warnings or disclaimers up front.

Here’s how it looks when I get it. The sender is “Charlie’s Mama”, the title of this particular post is “Plaid Ball Gown”, you can see when it was posted (oddly, showing up in Pacific time, but it posted at 9am Eastern), and you can see the beginning of what I wrote.

The second reason I’d like to suggest is that it lets you see that I’ve posted, regardless of whether I’ve remembered to post a link on Facebook! I know a lot of my readers see my posts via Facebook, which is awesome, but if I forget to post there, you’ll only find out the same day if you’re subscribed! Otherwise, you have to wait for me to remember to post 🙂

A snippet of my traffic data for a slow week, showing that most of my traffic is via Facebook links

How does it actually work? It’s pretty straight forward. 
Step one: Select one of these two options on the left navigation bar when you are at the blog:

Step two: If you selected the top option, you’ll have to confirm, and if you clicked the bottom link, you’ll have to enter your email and confirm. Either way, it looks a lot like this:

Step three: You’ll receive an email. It looks something like this. and you need to click the long link:

Step four: When you click the link, you get to a confirmation page. That’s it! You’re done! Now, whenever I publish a post, you’ll know that very evening, and you’ll get to choose whether that post is a topic you want to read. Magical!

And that is all the mail you should get… just the announcements that there’s a new post. If you ever get anything else, you let me know and I’ll fix it!

I hope this was a helpful introduction. If you decided that subscribing is for you, and you have any trouble or any issues at all, let me know and I’d be happy to help make sure everything works well!



To subscribe, find the “subscribe by email” note in the left column and enter your email there. Posts will be emailed directly to you whenever I post them!

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