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Friends, although this is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and this is a blog that is largely about life after a loss, this is also where I post about my hobbies – but only on Saturdays! So even for this month, I’ll be sticking to my usual format of grief/loss content on Wednesdays and sewing/knitting/etc on Saturdays.

Below are pictures of a project I completed last year. Enjoy!

The Music Stand Case project

I am on of many siblings in a very musical family. I suppose it was inevitable that I would someday be asked to make something related to that!!! As it turns out, I was asked to make a case for the music stand my violin-sister uses. She’d had a bag for it, but it wore out and the folded music stand would poke out. It got to the point where it could even fall out, so I got to make the replacement.

It needed to be sturdy, so I dug through my stash for some durable fabrics, and came up with several pieces of canvas that would hold up to use. I had different weights and colors and types, including a boring beige which was rejected! I ended up using a nice sky blue.

Instead of just seaming, I used a binding like her original bag had had. But not boring black! I found a woven band (again, in my deep and varied stash!). I was even able to find one that coordinated with the colors. And I used some scrap fabric to make a handle.

Back of bag, closed. The woven trim has a blue background, with a repeating floral and some metallic. Handle purposely has slack to be grab-able even when the bag is full.

Back side, open. The piece of trim is to cover and decorate the stitching for the velcro closure.

Front/top open. Trim also protects the edge of the opening.

Front top, closed.

As far as I know, this bag is still in active use! It was a fun project, especially since I knew it was practical but would also be enjoyed, and would be distinctive in an orchestra room with all the black bags and cases!



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