An Angel Baby Blanket

(Topic: Stillbirth, knitting, donation) Hi Friends! Well, anxiety makes it hard to sleep and lack of sleep sometimes gives me migraines – not a great combo for sitting down and writing. That said, I actually have a completed project to show you this week! In the past I have donate blankets to the NICU, but

Mommy and Me Apron

(Topic: Sewing, Teddy bear clothes) Hi Friends! Well, I had a migraine on Saturday and was busy on Sunday, so here’s the post I was supposed to finish on Saturday. Oops! This is a project I really, really enjoyed. This is the first matching outfit Pookie and I have. This is my apron. I did

Beautiful Chapel Decorations

(Topic: Religious symbols, fabric crafting, design) Dear Friends, Remember a few months ago, I did a series of posts about a set of three banners, including a follow-up post? In the follow-up, I had pictures of some banners that inspired me. I don’t remember if I said, but they were in the Valparaiso University Chapel.

A Little Bit of Embroidery

(topic: embroidery, designs) Dear friends, Recently I got my mother a dishtowel as a gift, but when she unpacked it, realized it was twice the size she usually uses! Easy to fix: most of the towel was blank, so I just cut it in half, and hemmed the edges. Voilá: the part with the design

Church Banner Triptych Set

Hi Friends! Now that you’ve seen the 3 banners for church develop individually, I’d like to explain a little more about the inspirations, and also tell you some of the hidden secrets! A stained glass window at church, with some of the symbols of Rocco: Hat, dog, staff. One of the inspirations was too look

Church Banner – St. Andrew

Sketch for St. Andrew banner Hi Friends, This banner was fun but oh, so much harder to put onto fabric what I had in my head!!! As you can see in the sketch above, St. Andrew (a fisherman) is being represented in a nautical way, with a large fish in the center. To begin with,

Church Banner – St. Rocco

Banner plan sketch detail. Hi Friends, The second banner I worked on for church represents St. Rocco. Unlike the St. James, who I already posted about, and St. Andrew (yet to come), Rocco was alive in the 1300s, and this means that part of my research could be in medieval manuscripts! Fun! In fact, this