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Hi Friends!

I’m still in post-holiday mode and a bit behind-er than I’d like to be, so here is a post with all those pictures we take of Pookie that are not enough for a post, individual pictures, or pictures I’ve sent to Hubby of Pookie trying on a new item… Just a bit of fun! Enjoy!

Sipping my fizzy water! He’s often perched here, keeping me company in the kitchen but away from spills or heat.


Sipping lassi, a yogurt drink

Downward Bear.

Enjoying a summer day!

Yoga bear. He came along a few times, while a pregnant lady was attending.

In his carrier! Able to see the world.

Pookie and Tigerlily

Sometimes there’s nowhere clean and safe to set him down… Monkey Pookie to the rescue!

Someone ate all the salsa…

Testing mommy’s new thumb brace. It’s a bit big…

Yo. New shades.

Baseball Bear!

A new friend – as yet unnamed. She’s our newborn tiger – curls right into your hands, so cozy to hold. This was after a day at the zoo! Found her in the gift shop.
That’s not Pookie talking, it’s a tiger!

At the bog, with the blueberry bushes!

Pookie’s dresser and several friends. Sadly in need of reorganization!

Snuggle bear in his Peek-a-Pook… I mean -Boo… PJs!

One of my sisters got hurt, and this was the hug Pookie asked me to send.

Blueberry sauce at the local diner. Not quite as good as fresh summer berries…

Uh oh, what are you two up to??

Aw, Teddy is holding the new baby tiger!
Pookie doing what he does best: Snuggles when Mommy needs a hug.



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