Pookie’s red crocheted hat and shoes

(Topic: Crocheting! Specifically for the dimensions of my weighted bear)

Hi Friends!

As mentioned a few posts ago, when I was talking about Pookie’s shoes, I realized that his crocheted hat and shoes – my first attempt at either, for him – had not yet made it into this blog!

This is the hat, on him. It’s the only hat I own for him that lets his ears out. Other companies make hats that do, but too small for him.

Hat, not on his head! I started in the center and worked outward, and really just tested as I went to shape it, rather than following a premade pattern.

From within. The ear holes are slightly arced, and slightly forward of the center line.

The shoes were also fit as I went! Unfortunately this means that, as the cotton stretched, they’ve become a bit large on him. You can even see (on his right shoe, left in the picture) that I’ve rubberbanded the strap to shorten it so it stays on better.

Side view. You can see on the toe that I added a stripe, which had to do with the angles that I was using to fill the center to create the shape.



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