Pookie Helps Pack!

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Hi Friends,

I think I’ve dropped a few hints, so you may have gathered: we’re moving this summer! (Obviously, for privacy, I’m not posting about where or when…)

As you can imagine, it’s a bit of an emotional mixed bag, especially since I don’t know what it will be like living farther away from Charlie’s grave. I am excited, though, about some aspects, such as having a larger kitchen and a lovely deck on our new house!

Here’s Pookie, showing off our new front step and our new fireplace!!

This was when the landlord was redoing carpet and cleaning the house, so don’t mind the floor. Isn’t the mantle nice, though?

 I’m already thoroughly sick of boxes. But Pookie is pretty game, and helps out a lot!

There’s a lot done, but still a lot to go…

Tape hat??

What a goof!!

We have packed a whole WALL of boxes! Pookie thinks we should reassemble them into a castle fort.

Handsome no matter the backdrop ♡

Helping pack a fragile box. He thinks it should say “Handle with Bear”.

Packing paper bath!!!
Uh oh, someone found the labels…

Stay tuned for a post this Saturday about how to fix socks that are too tight 🙂
See you soon!



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One comment on “Pookie Helps Pack!”

  1. This is very cute Sarah. I know when we moved end of last year it was SO emotional! But we needed the space and a fresher start for new memories and growth. Big hugs you guys will hopefully have a great move and love the new place! 🙂

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