Thanksgiving with Pookie

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Hi Friends!

Many loss parents struggle with Thanksgiving – it’s a holiday with a lot of family coming together, and not all families are completely understanding and supportive.

My husband and I are lucky. Our families are both really supportive overall, and my family’s Thanksgiving traditions are pretty laid back and don’t involve a lot of extended family. This year, my hubby’s parents joined my family for dinner.

I really just consider it an unusually elaborate and large family dinner. It’s nice to hang out with my parents and sibs.

So this year, I’m going to show you a couple of pictures of how my weighted bear, Pookie, was part of the celebration, and how Charlie was represented in the dining room.

With our move this summer and hectic schedule this fall, it’s been way too long since Pookie had a bath! We wanted him fluffy and clean for the holiday ­čÖé

Clean Pookie airing out before getting dressed! Sorry for the blur, not sure what my camera was doing this week.

Ready to head out. He packed the suitcase, and chose his turkey pjs and beaded moccasins to wear for the holiday.

We had a bit of time to visit Charlie (he’s buried near my parents’ house). It was a nice way to include him in the day even if he’s not super present during the meal.
Pookie visited and chatted with everyone! Here he’s sitting next to his granddad.

I asked my mom to let me set Charlie’s picture and candle in the dining room on the sideboard. It wasn’t safe to have it lit in that spot, but it was super nice anyway. I loved having his picture present.

I hope your Thanksgiving was gentle. If it wasn’t, I send my love and thoughts to you, and Pookie offers a hug.



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