Kelly’s wedding: Kelly’s dress

Hi all! A big welcome to new Sarah’s Clothespress visitors. I am Sarah, Kelly’s friend and maid of honor. I am sewing her wedding dress and the dresses for the other bride’s maid (Kelly’s sister) and myself. I am posting pictures of the dresses as I complete them, so that Kelly’s friends and relations have a chance to see them. (also, a few of my curious friends will come look too). Enjoy!

Garment Data:
– Type: Wedding dress
– Date made: 2007-08
– Pattern: ? McCall’s, I believe: I’ll look up the number and edit this to include it!
– Fabric: White Satin, White Lace
– Trim: White ribbons (rosettes)
– Time to finish: long
– Notes: pattern is no longer published

Kelly’s new wedding dress! Except for a few small details, it is completely done, as of March 19th, 2008!

Here is a detail of the bodice, showing the lace overlay and small rosette, as well as the band added as an off-the-shoulder sort of sleeve.

Here is another detail picture, showing the lace overlay better.

Here is a detail of the lower hem. There are rosettes on six ruched-up areas around the hem, each of which exposes lace trim beneath.

More pictures will follow, as the other dresses come along!!!
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  1. Kelly provided me with your website. I made my daughter’s and daugh-in-law’s wedding dresses so I can relate to the work involved. The dress is very nice. I especially love the bottom finish. Looking forward to seeing the other dresses which I know you are madly trying to finish this week. Best of luck.

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