Tiger Shirt 1

Hi Friends! I didn’t get a lot of feedback, but the feedback I did get was pretty clear: Keep showing how I make things! Well, ok! I was at Joann’s a few weeks back, searching for fabric for a curtain (didn’t find what I wanted), when I found this MARVELOUS tiger print!!! I thought I’d

Pure, Unadulterated Nerdy Cuteness

Ok, so I’m completely geeky, but I got super excited when a friend gave me a hat that may or may not look similar to a character in a well known film… Garment Data:– Type: Baby hat, mittens, booties– Date made: Unknown, plus January and February 2017– Pattern: Made up– Fabric/Materials: Acrylic yarn– Trim: the

Rose Baby Hat

Dear friends, So, it seems I know many babies. A friend asked me to design and make a hat that looked like a rose, for an infant friend of hers. It came out looking more like a species rose (which has flat petals around a middle) more than a double rose (the kind you’re used

Rose Baby Blanket

Hi Friends! Did I warn you I’d be knitting like a fiend, or did I warn you?? 🙂This blanket has been most of what I’ve been working on for the last 10 days or so… and I loved it! Garment Data:– Type: Baby blanket for a crib– Date made: December 2016– Pattern: My own, invented

Tiger Christmas Stocking

Dear Friends… Yes, another knitted project! This is a Christmas stocking in the favorite colors for a special little boy I know. Garment Project Data:– Type: Christmas stocking, meant to be hung– Date made: December 14th and 15th 2016– Pattern: Made it up as I went– Fabric/Materials: Cotton yarn in orange and brown– Trim: black

Baby Set

Dearest Readers, I made this earlier this year. After I finished it, I put down knitting, and even other crafts and sewing, for a long time. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted pictures! I am now experiencing a knitting renaissance, and will likely be posting many more knitted items 🙂 Garment Data:– Type: Sweater

Leafy Baby Hat

Dear Friends, I recently had the opportunity to give to a family in need, and one of the things they needed were clothes for a newborn, who they are currently expecting. I can’t give baby clothes without at least something handmade! So I pulled out my go-to pattern book for super-cute baby knits, and here


Hi Esteemed Friends! As you may have noticed, I promised the other half of the t-shirt project, and I’m still not done with it… That’s because I have a minor hand tendonitis flaring up that I don’t want to aggravate, so I used the chance to have my sewing machines serviced. So, several projects have

Half-Mourning Shirt

Hi! Yep, I’m mixing eras! Oops! I found a t-shirt with meaning to me at Goodwill, and it happened to be in lavender and thus be perfect for half mourning. Hurrah! But wait, it doesn’t fit… However, upon consideration, I realized it would be perfect if I expanded it by adding panels to the side