Toddler Dress – Done!!

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends, Remember that knitted baby/toddler dress I was working on? I finished it!!!!! It came out really well. I’m really happy with it. I seamed using a whip stitch. I would have liked the blue stripe to line up a bit better. I think a mattress stitch would have helped, but I’m

I’m Nearly Done with the Toddler Dress!

(Topics: knitting) Hi Friends! Back in August, I posted about a dress I’d started making, but I only had about 3″ done. Well, I’m nearly there!! This is the beginning of the back piece, that I showed you last time. I decided to add the blue stripe. The beginning of the front. Notice that I’ve

In Progress: Baby Dress

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends! Just a quick update today, about a “WIP” (Work In Progress). I’m currently knitting a baby/toddler dress. I’m not concerned with exact gauge, because I’ll just use it whenever I end up with a child that fits in it! I found the yarn at Joann’s, but then it got discontinued by

Plaid Ball Gown

Dear Friends, I have recently had the pleasure to have a ball gown made by Sarah Crow, of The Preacher Wife’s Gowns and Carr Antiquities (Facebook)! She and I discussed options, the primary limiting factor being that we would work only with fabric I already owned, with minimal purchases for trim. I had a lovely

1860s Maternity Dress

Hello Friends, Recently I decided to try to make a maternity-style dress, with the challenges of being able to accommodate different sizes and shapes that a body does during pregnancy. Since different people also carry differently (like high vs. low), the dress does end up being somewhat personalized (such as shoulder-to-waist length), but is much

1860s-Style Mourning Dress

Hi Friends, As some of you know, we recently experienced a loss in our family. This led me (of course!) to looking into historical customs of mourning, specifically for the American Civil War era (1861-65). Garment Data:– Type: Dress, specifically for mourning or half mourning, depending on the accessories– Date made: August 2016– Pattern: My

Red Memorial Day Daydress

Dear Ladies and Gents,you may have noticed an item of wear recurring in mention multiple times: a basic red cotton daydress, which, when worn without hoops, can serve well enough as a camp or work dress. Garment Data:– Type: Civil War style daydress– Date made: Just before Memorial Day, 2013– Pattern: Simplicity 4551, plus alterations.

Ohio Regimental Military Ball – 2014

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, This weekend I enjoyed a most charming dance in Canton, Ohio! This was my second time attending, and once again had a fabulous time.The ball is held once a year in Canton, at the McKinley Grand hotel, usually some time right around Valentine’s Day.I went to the LINK: National First Ladies’

1920s dress!

Ladies and Gents,I was recently asked by a friend to help make them a 1920s costume for a one-time event. I agreed – this could be a fun challenge!It’s not an era I know much about, so I threw myself headlong into research.One of the notable things I found out is that skirts were not

Butter-colored ballgown

Hello, friends! A few weeks ago, I got the notion in my head that I might want to sew a ballgown soon – in fact, I didn’t want to fix the cotton dance dress I have, so I was thinking of trying to complete the dress by Remembrance Day weekend (November 22nd-24th). However, I was