Denim Skirt

Hello once again!

I’m back, making a few updates and making some more clothing. I may also get around to restructuring old posts…
In this post you’ll also see me using a new template of data to make sure I tell you everything relevant about the garment.
Here goes!

Garment Data:
– Type: skirt
– Date made: Actual skirt, don’t know (2010?); trim, May 19-21, 2011
– Pattern: self drafted
– Fabric: Denim, cotton, blue
– Trim: DMC embroidery floss, cotton, periwinkle, #809, three part braid with 6 strands per part; lace, cotton?, off-white
– Time to finish: not certain

There was a bit of a debate about which trim to use – I was going between a white braid or the periwinkle, and between a wider lace and the narrow I ended up going with. Thanks to two friends (you know who you are!) for your input.
The skirt consists of five panels, three are all the same size, and the fourth and fifth are the back panel, which allowed me to put in a zipper, but when the fourth and fifth are sewn together, they are the same size as the other three panels (so it is basically a four panel skirt that I put a back seam into). The panels are straight at the top and slightly curved on the bottom, and taper from a wider bottom to a narrower top. This was not sufficient to make it perfectly waist-sized, though, so the top has elastic zig-zagged on, on the side panels and back panels. This allows to the front panel to be smooth (and, I hope, slimming, along with the vertical lines of trim!).

Some more pictures of the skirt and parts:



Skirt Left:

Skirt Right:

Skirt Back:

Detail of trim:

Hope you like it! I plan on wearing it soon. It’s comfy and light, and I think I’ll be able to wear it with either a t-shirt and be casual, or dress it up with a blouse.

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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