Dear Charlie’s Mama, Are You OK?

(Topic: Emotions, Support networks for grief) Hi Friends! This is a FAQ!!! I have enough readers now that I’ve started getting occasional questions, and this post will be structured based on that. Thanks for all your feedback and support! You seem sad. Are you OK? Thank you for your concern! Yes, I’m generally ok. I have

Santa Pook

? We were out getting a Christmas tree, tromping through the snowy tree field picking one out to cut, when hubby said that Pookie really needed a Santa hat. I agreed, and thought to myself that maybe I could pick one up at a dollar store. Well… I found some red fleece and an old

Shoes for 18″ Molly Bears

Hi Everyone, I have finally finished a project I’d like to share! Molly Bears (Link to Website) is a wonderful organization that creates bears that are the same weight as the infant you lost. We received our bear on the December 23rd, 2016, and ever since then he has been a comfort to hold, cuddle,

Tiger Shirt 1

Hi Friends! I didn’t get a lot of feedback, but the feedback I did get was pretty clear: Keep showing how I make things! Well, ok! I was at Joann’s a few weeks back, searching for fabric for a curtain (didn’t find what I wanted), when I found this MARVELOUS tiger print!!! I thought I’d

Rose Baby Blanket

Hi Friends! Did I warn you I’d be knitting like a fiend, or did I warn you?? 🙂This blanket has been most of what I’ve been working on for the last 10 days or so… and I loved it! Garment Data:– Type: Baby blanket for a crib– Date made: December 2016– Pattern: My own, invented

Tiger Christmas Stocking

Dear Friends… Yes, another knitted project! This is a Christmas stocking in the favorite colors for a special little boy I know. Garment Project Data:– Type: Christmas stocking, meant to be hung– Date made: December 14th and 15th 2016– Pattern: Made it up as I went– Fabric/Materials: Cotton yarn in orange and brown– Trim: black

1860s Maternity Dress

Hello Friends, Recently I decided to try to make a maternity-style dress, with the challenges of being able to accommodate different sizes and shapes that a body does during pregnancy. Since different people also carry differently (like high vs. low), the dress does end up being somewhat personalized (such as shoulder-to-waist length), but is much

1860s-Style Mourning Dress

Hi Friends, As some of you know, we recently experienced a loss in our family. This led me (of course!) to looking into historical customs of mourning, specifically for the American Civil War era (1861-65). Garment Data:– Type: Dress, specifically for mourning or half mourning, depending on the accessories– Date made: August 2016– Pattern: My

Winter Hats, Part III: Mathematical Shapes (Mobius and Klein bottle)

Part III of winter hats is here! And this time it’s math-based. Remember Part I? It featured a blue hat? Well, I had yarn left over, in prodigious amounts. So I decided to make something for myself. I had seen a Mobius scarf, which I had really liked the idea of. As you’ll see, mine