Parti-Colored Cotehardie

Posting some older items, to catch up with what I’m working on now!

Garment Data:
– Type: Cotehardie
– Date made: ?
– Pattern: Self-drafted, based on a “block” (personal pattern) that I drafted based on the directions in The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant
– Fabric: Unfortunately, this was a poor choice: A Linen/Rayon blend. Rayon doesn’t breathe, and is thus quite hot to wear in the summer, and not as comfortable as pure linen would have been (but it was cheaper, which is why I made the choice).
– Trim: Covered metal buttons, using the two-piece kits from generic fabric stores. White tippets made of the same type of fabric.
– Time to finish: don’t recall
– Notes: These pictures are from August 2012 at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire near Cleveland, Ohio. See also Age of Poetry. Note that in all pictures I have my dress kilted up over the belt. Easier to walk, plus cooler in the summer. The headdress is a Fillet and Barbette.

Also, just for fun: same dress, in an earlier year, with Sir Shanton (sp?) who is a jouster at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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