Hale Farm – Hale yeah! – August 9th-11th

Hello dear readers!

In August, I attended a fabulous reenactment. In fact, it is up there as a contender for the best of the season! It was the annual Hale Farm reenactment. I’m taking fewer and fewer pictures per reenactment, since camera looks a little out of place around my neck… but I’ll try to still have a few pictures of each event for documentation purposes!

The first thing I saw when I rolled up was the cavalry drilling.
You can tell — I took this picture through my windshield; I hadn’t even gotten out of the car yet!

Saturday’s first battle. View from our camp, into the middle of Hale Village! We were camped in and amongst the buildings. It really gave the event a feeling of immersion.
Our camp (the 29th OVI) next to the Hale Village meeting house/church.
The wagon full of the rations we pulled! Lots of eggs, bread, potatoes, and BACON!
The town from a distance…
One of the gun crews. Artillery makes a much louder bang when there are buildings nearby! Wow! Wasn’t expecting that.

Sunday’s battle. Union retreating into town.
Union troops falling back but guarding the house.

Pushed further into town. I believe the unit in the center of the picture may be the 41st.

Better view of troops + house.

You can see the smoke of the engagement between the houses!

“Fall back!”

Full retreat position

The flag bearer went down – but another soldier took up the colors!

More action

Final positions

There were also merchants, living history, artillery, and lots of wonderful people and wonderful food. Hale Farm/Village was also open, so I also toured the buildings and talked with some of the costumed interpreters who work there. Additionally, there was a dance on Saturday evening that I really enjoyed, but I didn’t get pictures of that because I was too busy dancing!

More soon, as I attend more events and sew some more. There are a few more events I attended since this one in August, such as Zoar in September, Fremont in October, and a small event in Moreland (near Wooster) in October. The season is pretty much through, but there are balls coming up. Winter will be sewing season for me, so on the docket are: embroidery, gowns, still some underpinnings, and perhaps small items like kerchiefs and such. I am always doing mending, moving buttons, etc. – but I won’t pester you with those details!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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