A “quick-and-dirty” work petticoat

I decided to quickly throw together a petticoat this week! I’d already seamed the panels, and today I decided to finish it (because, after all, I’m going to an event tomorrow – and there’s nothing quite like last minute sewing!!).

Garment Data:
– Type: Petticoat
– Date made: August 9th, 2013
– Pattern: None. Based on the basic guidelines by Liz Clark
– Fabric: A basic light-weight cotton in brown with thin woven stripes in a plaid/criss-cross
– Trim: None
– Time to finish: not more than a few hours, total! It was machine sewn, mostly freehand without a lot of pinning
– Notes: Don’t look too closely at my hems, seams, or waistband! This is a purely functional petticoat. In fact, I found out that I’d pleated it wrong, so the waistband is a bit big – but, again, functional: not worth redoing!

Approximately half-inch pleats. Not measured – I eyeballed them after dividing the skirt into quarters. That way I knew they’d be roughly even, even if I didn’t get them exact.

The waistband, half attached. The white is a piece of muslin inside the waistband, to help give it a bit more oomph. Even so, I got some torquing when I sewed it. This could have been avoided if I had taken the time to pin! It would have also made the seam straighter and tidier on the front 😀
Shortcuts do show!


Full length view. The back of the dress is clipped in the left side of the hanger, the front of the petticoat, which is flatter and has fewer pleats, is to the right.

The back opening. It has multiple buttons, fairly far in (lots of overlap), because, as noted above, the waistband is actually too large!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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  1. I actually needed to move buttons because my waistline got smaller (yay!) and realized that on this particular petticoat, I had way too much overlap! So I actually removed the waistband, shortened it by 4-6 inches, re-pleated the skirt, and re-attached the waistband. Whew! But it actually made the petticoat nicer. The first time, the pleating was uneven and I had a flat spot in the front, and the petticoat tended to bind my knees. But now it's much more evenly pleated! Hurrah!

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