Gettysburg: 150th anniversary, June 2013.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for bearing with me on the brief hiatus of posts…. Relaxing in camp on a hot day.      I’d mentioned in a few previous posts that exactly a year ago at the end of June of 2013 I went to Gettysburg. This was the first Civil War-era overnight camping event

Hale Farm – Hale yeah! – August 9th-11th

Hello dear readers! In August, I attended a fabulous reenactment. In fact, it is up there as a contender for the best of the season! It was the annual Hale Farm reenactment. I’m taking fewer and fewer pictures per reenactment, since camera looks a little out of place around my neck… but I’ll try to

Painesville, 2012

Reenactment in Painesville, Ohio, at the Lake County Historical Center! July 14th, 2012 (or 1862, if you prefer!). Tried to make sure the background was period appropriate! Back view. The bodice isn’t fitting quite right, but I think (hope) that mostly took care of itself with new underpinnings. The strange juxtaposition of troops marching, hoopskirts,