1920s dress!

Ladies and Gents,
I was recently asked by a friend to help make them a 1920s costume for a one-time event. I agreed – this could be a fun challenge!
It’s not an era I know much about, so I threw myself headlong into research.
One of the notable things I found out is that skirts were not as short as I would have thought! Towards the beginning of the 20s they were quite long – midcalf or longer, sometimes – and only got shorter (though still below the knee usually) by the end of the decade.
The costume I made is not a reproduction. It is in the style of or inspired by and is intended to give the observer the impression of the 20s – but I make no claims to absolute accuracy!

Garment Data:
– Type: Dress, 1920s style, slightly flapper-esque and possibly less-fancy evening wear
– Date made: December 2013
– Pattern: None.
– Fabric/Materials: I used a dress found at Goodwill that had approximately the right shape, including a lace overlay, and went from there.
– Trim: Fringe, ribbon, feathers
– Time to finish: 2 days or so

The original, slightly mother-of-the-bride (or something) dress. Very poly. Has a lace overlay and ghastly puffed sleeves.
So I took the sleeves off! This also gives it a more 20s line.
Started to pin on some fringe I got.
Various trims and accessories draped on the dress prior to assembling it all. Note that the fringe is partly pinned. There is also a band of ribbon, some green trim (that I did not end up using) and a green hat.
I went for two rounds of trim. This is for two reasons:
1: From the pictures I looked at, trim, flounces, or lace was often layered in at least 2 or 3 tiers
2: That’s how much fringe I had! 🙂
Close up of the two-layer fringe. It is hand whipped onto the lace overlay, using the lace design as a guide to keep it level.
Some other props/accessories I gathered. Layers of pearls were sometimes worn, feathers and plumes seemed to be popular, and all the fancy pictures have furs in them!
I’ve now added some trim right above the fringe.

I thought about adding a pleated sash, but decided it would be a) too heavy, b) too much for the dress as it now looks!
Full outfit, including headband.
Close up of the finished trim!
Headband (early 20s, but too cool to pass up!)
Hat, for the cloche look, for the more “outside” look.
Completed outfit, with hat and fur coat! Really the coat should be as long as the dress or longer, but this one is what I had! I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. 🙂

And I just found out that there will be a 2nd opportunity for the dress to be worn! Hurrah!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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