Pookie Visits Santa

(Topic: What I would be doing with Charlie) Dear Friends, This post is a bit late! Oops! I thought I’d posted this picture, but realized that I hadn’t, and thus, hadn’t shared the story. This last Christmas I did something I don’t ever remember doing before. I went to a mall Santa. I’ve never ever

Pure, Unadulterated Nerdy Cuteness

Ok, so I’m completely geeky, but I got super excited when a friend gave me a hat that may or may not look similar to a character in a well known film… Garment Data:– Type: Baby hat, mittens, booties– Date made: Unknown, plus January and February 2017– Pattern: Made up– Fabric/Materials: Acrylic yarn– Trim: the

Winter Hats, part II — Jayne’s Hat

Ladies and Gents,As promised, part II of the Wooly-Hats Spectacular Spectacular!I’m trying the pictures in a larger size, let’s see how this looks!In this case, I made a Jayne-inspired hat, copying a hat that the character Jayne Cobb got from his mom on the TV sci-fi/western Firefly.The cool thing about his hat is that it

1920s dress!

Ladies and Gents,I was recently asked by a friend to help make them a 1920s costume for a one-time event. I agreed – this could be a fun challenge!It’s not an era I know much about, so I threw myself headlong into research.One of the notable things I found out is that skirts were not

County Fair

Dear Readers, This year, for the first time, I entered some items in the fair! SPOILER ALERT: I didn’t win. That’s ok, though! Most of the pieces I submitted, I could tell you exactly what’s wrong with it. The frustration is that the judging criteria are not publicized, so there is no way of knowing