Dark Hatbox

Hello lads and lasses!

The other night I decorated a hatbox, which I intend to use to store a mourning bonnet. Which I have not yet made, but that will come…
At any rate, I needed a second hatbox and decided to use a darker color scheme to match what I know I will be storing in it.

Garment Project Data:
– Type: Hatbox, purchased at a craft store. It is cardboard.
– Date made: September 2016
– Pattern: none. I just decorated a purchased box
– Fabric/Materials: Paper napkins, tissue paper, ModPodge
– Trim: ribbon (satin and sheer)
– Time to finish: several hours (most of a day?), including drying time.

The completed hat box with the lid perched on a pail to dry.

And the closed view.

Detail of the lid. This oak leaf is one I found outside, already skeletal and beautiful.

The lid has a base of 2 layers of white tissue paper, then the oak leaf. I then added Money Plant seed pods around the outside.

The side of the lid has 2 bands of ribbon, over the white tissue paper.

The box is done in black tissue paper that has rainbow colored sparkles. I then added a double layer of sheer white ribbon along the bottom edge, the same black satin ribbon as the lid but in a “drum” zig-zag pattern, and hearts with a white bird printed on them, which were cut from paper napkins.

Detail of the 2-layer sheer ribbon.
Detail of the heart. Unfortunately they were more sheer than I realized, so the printed white bird is all but invisible. Phooey. There are 8 hearts around the box.

The bottom of the box has a printed tissue paper, plus a blue-white rose cut from the same paper napkins as the hearts.

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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