10 Dates That Trigger Your Grieving Friend

10 Dates That Trigger Your Grieving Friend
image of calendar with a date circled, and a pop up reminder saying "memory surfacing, acknowledge?" with two buttons to accept or ignore.

Dear friends, This is something you may not know: each month, there is a particular day on which I think of Charlie more. Not that I’m sad, per se, but he’s just on my mind more. It’s the day of the month he was born on – he was born in June 19th, so on

All About Charlie

(topic: grief, memories, babies) Hi friends, It has lately become more and more noticeable to me that when I talk about Charlie, it’s usually in certain repetitive scenarios and often the same few facts and stories. The most common scenario is that I end up chatting with a stranger, or new acquaintance of some sort,

New Years Resolutions

(Topic: Life after loss, grief, holidays) Hi Friends, I’m terrible at New Years Resolutions, and anyway, resolutions work better when you come to them bit by bit and work on them piece by piece. But for fun, and for reflection, here are a few things that I’m currently working on: 1) Be patient with myself,

Support and How I Changed

Support and How I Changed

(Topic: grief after loss support, holidays) Our mantle, stockings, and present area – no tree this year. Hi Friends, This year is different. This is our 4th Christmas after Charlie died, and every year has been different, but this year is really different. For the last 3 years, my reaction to Christmas has been what

How I’ll Think About Christmas This Year

(Topic: Grief, Religion, Christmas, Pregnancy) Hi Friends, Christmas, and particularly the figure of Mary, can be a bit complicated to come to terms with after experiencing infant loss. I’ve written about this before, exploring how the themes of pregnancy and happy arrival can be very difficult for a loss parent. I’ve felt sad, during the

Five Resources for Remembering Your Child at the Holidays

(Topic: Holiday traditions, memorials) Hi Friends, At first I thought I’d write about our personal traditions (which I will still include at the end!) but I realized there are so many good resources out there that I wanted to share. In this post you will find 5 great resources with their own lists of ideas

15 Words About Death and Infant Loss

(Topic: Words about death, opinions about effects of words) Hi Friends, One of the things I notice as the mom of a baby who died is that people sure use a lot of words about death that aren’t dead! Some of these words are fine, but some are possibly problematic for some people. Many of

My Family Is Perfectly Imperfect Too: A Book Review

(Topic: Book, Children’s Book, siblings, talking about loss) Book:Perfectly Imperfect FamilyBy Amie Lands Just to be frank and up-front, I got a free advance e-copy of this book in order to be able to review, but my health prevented me from reviewing the book before it was released. The advance copy was not given with

What’s the Reason? A Book Review

(Topic: book, illness, grief, what to say) Image credit: Kate Bowler’s Website Book:Everything Happens For A Reason: And Other Lies I’ve Loved By Kate Bowler This is probably not a book I would have picked up on my own. Lately, I read mostly fiction, if I read. I don’t read nearly as much as I used