Hi Esteemed Friends!

As you may have noticed, I promised the other half of the t-shirt project, and I’m still not done with it… That’s because I have a minor hand tendonitis flaring up that I don’t want to aggravate, so I used the chance to have my sewing machines serviced. So, several projects have been put on a temporary pause.

However, I discovered that I can still hold an embroidery hoop with the affected hand! So here’s the current project.

Garment Project Data:
– Type: Ribbon Embroidered Bookmark
– Date made: October 2016
– Pattern: By Angela Dower, from “A-Z of Ribbon Embroidery” from Search Press Classics.
– Fabric/Materials: Lace-edged bookmark in 18-count Aida (bought with the edging attached). 1/4″ polyester ribbon. Cotton Embroidery floss.
– Trim: See above
– Time to finish: One afternoon

This book was on the “new book” shelf at the library, and when I was looking through it, this pattern jumped out at me. I have a friend for whom Forget-Me-Nots are meaningful, so I am doing it for that friend.

The book specified a 4mm-wide silk ribbon and silk embroidery floss. I found silk ribbon to be difficult to obtain, and also it’s hard to find ribbon that width, so I’m doing the pattern in 6mm (1/4″) ribbon, and it’s poly because that was accessible locally. Additionally, I have all the DMC embroidery floss colors in cotton and am on somewhat of a budget right now, so the less I was buying new for this project, the better. I think it turned out ok!

The book itself!
And the back, for those of you who want the isbn ­čÖé

The specific instructions. I noticed it wasn’t very specific about how to do it (just a basic stitch chart) and it wasn’t the clearest instruction ever.

In progress! It’s coming along nicely. My petals and leaves have a bit of a stiffer look because I used regular ribbons instead of a nice soft silk, but it still is coming out super pretty!


Final result. Apologies for the binder clip: I covered the initials I embroidered. Privacy! I’m very very pleased with how it turned out!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

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