Adventure Pookie: Rochester NY

(Topic: Travel, Pookie adventures (weighted bear)) Hi Friends! Recently (at the end of October) we went to Rochester NY. We met up with friends, explored, and had some work stuff too… Here are Pookie’s adventures!! Visiting friends can mean gearing up with a cup of tea, while in your comfy clothes! Actually, I’d been explaining

In A Different Light

(Topic: flowers, mental health, light) Dear Friends, Lately I have been admiring the lily. Not Plato’s Lily, not some ideal idea of a lily… I’ve been admiring the beautiful double lilies that grow in the garden of the house I rent. Beautiful salmon-orange with red and a touch of gold, with curling edges and the

No Smash Cake!

Hi Friends, Charlie’s party went beautifully. On Saturday night, hubby was working overnight, so I was alone in the house. I’d been doing ok, knitting and watching movies, but once I started getting ready for bed, it hit me that it was Father’s Day (it was past midnight), which was the day Charlie was born

Learning and Growing

This is a tree in the cemetery. I don’t know what kind it is. Dear friends, I recently learned a phrase that I find beautiful, and really hits the nail on the head. Have you ever noticed how, in English, we have no real, common word for a parent who has lost a child? We

Happy Birthday, Little Charlie

 Hi Friends, I am doing something very difficult right now. On June 19th, 2017, it will be exactly one year since our son Charlie was born. Stillborn. Died. Was baptised. Everything. His whole life. And I am planning a party. Well, not exactly a party. What would you call it? A get-together? A memorial picnic?

Tiger Shirt 1

Hi Friends! I didn’t get a lot of feedback, but the feedback I did get was pretty clear: Keep showing how I make things! Well, ok! I was at Joann’s a few weeks back, searching for fabric for a curtain (didn’t find what I wanted), when I found this MARVELOUS tiger print!!! I thought I’d

Rose Baby Hat

Dear friends, So, it seems I know many babies. A friend asked me to design and make a hat that looked like a rose, for an infant friend of hers. It came out looking more like a species rose (which has flat petals around a middle) more than a double rose (the kind you’re used

Rose Baby Blanket

Hi Friends! Did I warn you I’d be knitting like a fiend, or did I warn you?? 🙂This blanket has been most of what I’ve been working on for the last 10 days or so… and I loved it! Garment Data:– Type: Baby blanket for a crib– Date made: December 2016– Pattern: My own, invented


Hi Esteemed Friends! As you may have noticed, I promised the other half of the t-shirt project, and I’m still not done with it… That’s because I have a minor hand tendonitis flaring up that I don’t want to aggravate, so I used the chance to have my sewing machines serviced. So, several projects have

Butter-colored ballgown

Hello, friends! A few weeks ago, I got the notion in my head that I might want to sew a ballgown soon – in fact, I didn’t want to fix the cotton dance dress I have, so I was thinking of trying to complete the dress by Remembrance Day weekend (November 22nd-24th). However, I was