Pookie in Washington

New Hat!

Dear friends,

A few weeks ago, I got to take a business trip, and guess who came along??? Of course, Pookie spent much of the trip in the hotel room, but he enjoyed having one day out to see the sights in Washington, D.C.!

Figuring out transportation.

On a bus tour!
I made a specific request to go here. Pookie’s Dad and Uncle Andrew posed here when they were kids!
[photo credit Ali Bryant]

Pookie learning about relativity. He says it makes perfect sense in Bear, but would be difficult to express in English.
[photo credit Ali Bryant] 

Mommy and Pookie in front of the reflecting pool.
[photo credit Ali Bryant] 

Pookie, Auntie Ali, and Mommy ­čÖé A kind stranger took this picture for us!
[photo credit Ali Bryant] 

And Pooks posing on his own.

Lincoln memorial was seriously crowded.

A favorite of mine, simply for the artistry and impact of the memorial. Pookie liked it too.

A rare shot of what it looks like when Pookie is posing!
[photo credit Ali Bryant] 

Isn’t he cute???
[photo credit Ali Bryant] 

Here you can see the memorial a bit better.
[photo credit Ali Bryant] 

While I’ve seen the memorials quite a few times, Pookie has never been to Washington. We were in town with a friend who hadn’t been to them since she was small, so showing Pookie was a great way for her to see them too!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

Infant loss resource document: www.tinyurl.com/infantloss

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