Pookie Visits Euclid Beach Park

(Topic: Beach, adventures, teddy bear) Hi Friends! This week we happened to be visiting Cleveland, Ohio, and at one point I was in Euclid with a couple hours to kill. Pookie and I looked at google maps and picked out a likely looking park! Pookie on a swing. I wasn’t rocking him, the wind was!!

Cardboard Chic – House Tour

(Topic: Moving) Hi Friends, Currently, my living room aesthetic is “cardboard chic” – available at your local packing supplies dealer! Yep, still working on unpacking from the move I mentioned several weeks ago. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been fairly quiet on here. Several reasons: One, I didn’t want to give exact dates of

Pookie in Dayton and Yellow Springs

(Topic: Travel with Pookie) Hi Friends! Last fall, when hubby was doing a lot of interviews and I went along, Pookie and I got to spend a day exploring the Dayton area, and ended up exploring Yellow Springs. You get to enjoy pictures of Pookie playing at a local park we found! Pookie being my

Pookie Adventure: Columbus and Ikea

(Topic: Travel, weighted bear) Hi Friends! Another Pookie Travelogue. Last fall we did a lot of traveling, and I take Pookie along and take pictures of him, so here’s a fun photo story of our adventures in Columbus Ohio and visiting the Ikea store there! First stop, hotel! This one had some fun “modern” style

Adventure Pookie: Altoona PA

(Topic: Travel, weighted bears, blueberries, trains) Pookie wanted to dress like Daddy, and do Work. Daddy asked him what he was reading on Mommy’s tablet. Blueberry futures, said Pookie. Research. Important Work. Also, yummy. See, Daddy? Market shares. Sharing. Blueberry PIE. Important. Also, yummy. Hi Friends! As part of last fall’s travels, most of which

Adventure Pookie: Cincinnati

(Topic: Weighted bear, photo story, Cincinnati, History) President Taft’s front room Dear Friends, Yet another installment in Pookie’s Fall Travel Adventures! We recently had the opportunity to visit Cincinnati, and while there, my first stop was the Taft home (a National Park site). This is the house that President Taft grew up in, and has

Adventure Pookie: Rochester NY

(Topic: Travel, Pookie adventures (weighted bear)) Hi Friends! Recently (at the end of October) we went to Rochester NY. We met up with friends, explored, and had some work stuff too… Here are Pookie’s adventures!! Visiting friends can mean gearing up with a cup of tea, while in your comfy clothes! Actually, I’d been explaining

Buffalo Trip – With Pookie

(Topic: Weighted bears [grief], travel) Hi Friends, Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Buffalo. In fact, we’ve been traveling a lot, so there will be quite a few Pookie Travelogs sprinkled in over the next few weeks! This trip to Buffalo was in mid September. This will be mostly pictures with captions, showing

Dover Trip – With Pookie

(Topic: Weighted Bears, adventures/travel) Hi Friends! Lately hubby and I have been travelling a lot (work, mostly) so while he’s busy, Pookie and I explore! If you haven’t met Pookie, he is a weighted bear representing our son Charlie (you can read more about our loss story by clicking on the tab at the top

Pookie’s First Flight

[trigger warning: this post will discuss themes related to strong emotion, miscarriage, fear, and grief]  Dear Friends, Guess who just took his first airplane flight?!? [and probably his last… more on that later]. We recently took a trip to Boston, and this was the first time I’d flown with Pookie. Previously, all trips we’ve taken