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Dear Friends,

Remember a few months ago, I did a series of posts about a set of three banners, including a follow-up post? In the follow-up, I had pictures of some banners that inspired me. I don’t remember if I said, but they were in the Valparaiso University Chapel. They have a stunning space, and choose their vestments and decorations to match and support the space.

I recently had the chance to go there again, and they had some amazing decorations up on their staggered brick walls, which you can see the long view of, above in the top picture of this post. They were borrowed from another church, I was told, and made of felt – and, I believe, simply stuck to the wall like a feltboard!

Each decoration was a huge circle – maybe 20 feet across? That’s totally a guess based on looking up at them. And each had different types of religious symbology, in some cases similar to the symbology I used in the banners I made, but fascinatingly these were all symetrically mandala-like. I took pictures of several, because their use of color and design was amazing. Please enjoy!

This was in a Lutheran chapel, and the symbol in the center here is the Luther Rose. This one has a Lutheran theme.

Easter theme.

Again, an Easter theme.

A Pentecost theme, which was when I was there.

See what I mean about a lovely use of form and color? I found them to be absolutely stunning.



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