Dear Charlie’s Mama, Are You OK?

(Topic: Emotions, Support networks for grief)

Hi Friends!

This is a FAQ!!! I have enough readers now that I’ve started getting occasional questions, and this post will be structured based on that. Thanks for all your feedback and support!

You seem sad. Are you OK?
Thank you for your concern! Yes, I’m generally ok. I have hobbies, a therapist, a great family, and fabulous friends. Having something to do and people who care means that even if I have a sad moment, I can get through it to a neutral moment or a happy moment too.

While I may seem to focus a lot on sad topics, that is because of the way I’ve structured this blog: While Saturday posts are generally about fiber arts and emotion-neutral, Wednesday posts tend to focus on grief related issues. That does not mean, though, that I experience these grief issues every day, or constantly, or am always down. But having you check in on me is great, thank you – if I were really struggling, I might not think of reaching out for help, or I might not emotionally be able to.

Sharing things like hotline numbers is important, and I’m sharing one for infant loss and grief support below. But sometimes it can be daunting to call a stranger. If there is a friend you haven’t heard from in a while, reaching out to them and just checking in can sometimes be a huge help. It can be very hard to admit you need help, and sometimes even harder to ask for it.

For grief and loss support. Image from First Candle’s Facebook page.

Is every picture on your blog something you made or photographed?

In short, yes. Unless I give credit to someone else, all photos are taken by me, all artwork is by me, and all knitted and sewn items are mine. I’m very careful to give credit when I use an image from online that does not belong to me, though I sometimes forget to give my family credit if some of the snapshots of Pookie and such are by them! It’s not intentional, though: I try to always give proper credit or citations if I use anything from anyone else. The only exception is that you may notice me anonymize things for people’s privacy, and that is still with their knowledge if at all possible.

If you see a drawing I made, or a photo of something I handcrafted, and want to know more about the project, or the inspirations or materials, just ask in the comments below that post!!! I’d love to answer.

Where do I find your blog?

If you are reading this, you’ve found me! If you’d like to share, though, here are the places that Being Charlie’s Mama can be found:

So far I haven’t gotten many more questions that aren’t covered by these, so please comment below if you have more questions!



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