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Hi Friends!

Not a long post this week. Just a little update about my garden.

After a slow start and late planting due to cold, we flipped right over into 90s and dry. Luckily we’ve been getting some rain, but it’s sporadic.

Rainbow! These little guys are the tomatoes that volunteer planted from last year’s burst tomatoes.

The volunteer tomatoes, and otherwise mostly empty square: I think 2 or 3 tiny leaves of spinach are poking up, and 1 or 2 ferny carrot sprouts. I may have to replant those.

Bed 2, tomatoes. Lots of green ones, so it looks like we’ll have a good crop.

Beds 3 and 4. Peas and beans look like they’ll start producing soon. Cucumbers and a strawberry plant in the last bed. While these cucumber plants aren’t more than 8 or 10 inches tall, there’s a hardy volunteer growing out of my compost heap behind the garage… we’ll see what it is when it fruits!



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