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Warning, picture heavy post!

Dear Friends,

If you’ve been reading many of my posts, you almost certainly have met Pookie by now. His name is short for Charles Peacock Bear-Warner. Since he shares his name with our son, his nickname is based on his middle name instead of his first name. He’s a weighted bear, from Molly Bears. He’s meant to help comfort us, but we’ve also given him his own personality, and I’ve helped develop his wardrobe! So here are some fun pictures of Pookie just doing life with us.

Easter. Note the dragonfly in his hat. Blue dragonflies are a symbol for Charlie, secondary to tigers – seen here on Pookie’s socks! My whole outfit for Easter was blue dragonfly-themed.

Dapper bear! Chillin’ in his chair.

My large hairy copilot, ready to punch the hyperdrive.

Volunteering at church by making mailings ready.


A quiet day.

Peek-a-Pook’ !
I think this was a virtual Pookie Hug I sent to a friend having a rough day.

Even bears help with house chores.

New shoes! I’m thinking they are meant to be foxes, but to my eyes they are tigers. Of course.

New friend Tigerlily, shortly after Charlie’s birthday. Despite getting Pookie on the day before Christmas Eve, we celebrate Pookie’s birthday on Charlie’s.

Fourth of July! Dressed in all the colors and ready for some sun.

Watching the World Cup soccer final, between France and Croatia.

We have lots of fun taking pictures of Pookie in our life. I’m always looking for ideas of what else to take pictures of him doing.



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