Charlie’s Garden and a Pookie Visit

(Topic: Gravesite) Dear Friends, One of the ways I “cultivate” Charlie’s memory (ha ha ha!) is by gardening around his grave stone. We are lucky to have him in an old and beautiful cemetery that is open to people gardening on the gravesites, as long as you stay roughly within their parameters and guidelines. As

In A Different Light

(Topic: flowers, mental health, light) Dear Friends, Lately I have been admiring the lily. Not Plato’s Lily, not some ideal idea of a lily… I’ve been admiring the beautiful double lilies that grow in the garden of the house I rent. Beautiful salmon-orange with red and a touch of gold, with curling edges and the

Gardening with Pookie

(topic: gardening at a grave) Dear Friends, Several weeks ago, Pookie and I had a fun little adventure! What a fine looking garden! Still though, could always use a little touch-up. Cute gardener to the rescue! Goodness, gardening in a waistcoat? How dapper! Look at him go! The drop-cloth in the foreground is under the

Learning and Growing

This is a tree in the cemetery. I don’t know what kind it is. Dear friends, I recently learned a phrase that I find beautiful, and really hits the nail on the head. Have you ever noticed how, in English, we have no real, common word for a parent who has lost a child? We