Cedarleaf Shawlette WIP Update 4

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Hi Friends!

For those of you who are new readers, my posts alternate: Saturdays are something light and usually related to my hobbies, so they are often posts about things like knitting or crafting projects. Wednesdays I post about things related to grief, the grief journey, and life after loss. Welcome and I’m glad you’re here!!
I sincerely hope that something I say ends up being helpful to you in some way, whether you are a non-infant-loss person learning about it, or an infant-loss person getting comfort or resources, or just knowing there’s someone else who has been through somewhat of the same experience you have.
Please feel free to comment on any post, and read through older posts to get to know me, Charlie (our son who was stillborn in 2016), and my hubby!

Today’s post is the fourth in a series showing my progress on a shoulder-wrap shawl. I have a completely self-imposed deadline of October 24th (I want to wear it to a conference I’m attending), which I think I’ll make since I have lots of car trips between now and then, where hubby is driving and I’m knitting! I’ve even figured out a way to clamp my pattern in the glove box so it doesn’t keep sliding off my leg!

This shawl is an arc of fairly plain knitting, with just some held stitches at either end to build up an arc, and then the leaf border is added to the live edge, essentially knitting with the needles perpendicular to the live edge. I’m loving how it’s turning out!

About 1/3 done with the edging!!! So pretty. Love how it’s variegated, but subtly.

Ahhhhhh the leaves… Fall is my favorite season, so this will be perfect.

It even has a stem! I’m so in love with this pattern. And the wool is perfect for it, honestly.

A look at how the leaves are being worked up along the edge, and picking up and incorporating live stitches as I go.

Can’t wait to have it finished, show you pictures of the completed shawl and me wearing it, and do a bit of a pattern review! Just keep an eye out on Saturdays. If you want to be notified every time I post something, just follow the instructions below to subscribe. The notifications are the only emails you get, no spam!



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