Sunflower Hat and Blanket

Sunflower Hat and Blanket

(Topic: Knitting, NICU donations) Hi Friends! This is a project I made at some point in the last three years, while I was in a knitting group that made blankets and hats for babies in the local NICU. I knitted quite a few, and I don’t think I’ve posted this one before! This is one

White and Blue Handtowel

White and Blue Handtowel

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends! This is a project I finished a while ago, but am finally getting around to sharing. This is the partner to the Blue and White Handtowel I told you about last May. It’s the exact same pattern, with my exact same yarns and color choices: just reversed! This is so I

Fingerless Mitts

Fingerless Mitts

(Topic: knitting, Christmas gifts) Hi Friends! For Christmas this year, I decided to knit one present – a daring act, since I often procrastinate or take on too much, and end up with nothing done! But I picked a smallish project that ended up going faster than anticipated, so my Dad got a finished gift

Completed Folia Cowl (the “leafy cowl”) post number 4

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends! Gosh, this one took forever. I’ll check the dates on my first photos in a minute to get a ballpark of how long this took, but I’m thinking it was close to a year from start to finish. … yep, I started it in late October 2018… The reason this took

Pink Lacy Cowl – from Cast On to Bind Off!

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends! This project was a quick one between others, with a pattern that I could easily memorize and let my fingers work on while I watched tv or listened to music. At one point I listened to one of my sisters play in a concert via a livestream, and knit on this

DIY SOCK FIX: Make Socks Actually Fit Your Calves!

(Topic: DIY, Crafts, Socks) Hi Friends, If you have calves that are anything larger than twiggy, you might notice that sometimes socks with patterns just don’t fit quite right!! I now know to check the inside of the sock for long threads, but I still have socks in my drawer that weren’t fitting right. So

Blue and White Handtowel

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends! I have been knitting a bunch this week. This particular pattern was nice and easy – I actually specifically picked it out to be one where I mostly don’t have to look at the pattern (unlike the green lacy cowl I am still plugging away at…), so it’s easier to do

Toddler Dress – Done!!

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends, Remember that knitted baby/toddler dress I was working on? I finished it!!!!! It came out really well. I’m really happy with it. I seamed using a whip stitch. I would have liked the blue stripe to line up a bit better. I think a mattress stitch would have helped, but I’m

Folia Cowl, post 3 (work in progress)

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends! Remember this gorgeous yarn? Look at that hand-dyed shading! Swoon! You may remember this yarn from the leafy shawl I posted about here, here, here, here, here, and here (it took a while to finish!). I also bought these buttons, but didn’t use them on the cedar leaf shawlette. On my