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Hi Friends!

Recently it was my birthday. This being a Saturday post, I don’t want to delve too deeply into the life-after-loss side of things, but I will briefly mention that choosing themes for my party, based on MY interests, is something I’ve decided to do post-loss, as a way to help me recognize my own interests, beyond the thought of “I should be mothering a two-year-old right now”. So I have fun parties, just to explore other sides of myself!!! My birthday happens during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month (October) too, so I make an effort to separate my celebration from that theme.

I’m sharing these pictures mostly because I had so much fun putting together the theme!

I bought myself flowers to lighten up the place! My subconscious intervened, though, because I ended up with the infant loss colors…

Pookie wearing a birthday shirt to help celebrate!!!

I took myself out for my favorite treat for lunch (virgin strawberry daiquiri) because my birthday was on a weekday.

For my party, I chose an interest of mine – last year it was construction themed, this year I chose trains!

One of my ideas was to play a train game, too, but only if there was a chunk of time without toddlers….. there never ended up being that chunk of time!!!


New picture I bought when we visited Altoona (post on that will be coming in January…)

One of my sisters even themed her present!!! I also ended up getting another game that has trains as the theme 🙂

Each origami thing or other item represented an option for a day together doing something. We ended up biking a towpath trail and taking a train! Very fitting 🙂



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