Buffalo Trip – With Pookie

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Hi Friends,

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Buffalo. In fact, we’ve been traveling a lot, so there will be quite a few Pookie Travelogs sprinkled in over the next few weeks! This trip to Buffalo was in mid September.

This will be mostly pictures with captions, showing some of the things Pookie and I saw, and of course Pookie couldn’t resist hamming it up for the camera!

Anyplace on a lake, I’ll be looking for the sailing ships… This one only had a few smaller ones, but pretty nonetheless!

As far as I could tell, this was the excursion ship, though I was there too late in the year to take advantage. Pookie thinks there is too much water around boats, and worries about becoming waterlogged, so he only admires from afar.

There was an interesting spillway and canal area on the riverfront part of the downtown.

We found a playground with lots of “actual” bison! Pookie insisted on being a buffalo rancher.

Ridin’ the buffalo! That’s Pookie’s adventure hat, you’ll see it in most of the travelogs ­čÖé

Gee yup!


As you might imagine, this marina restaurant’s name made me a bit sentimental.

I found a lake-front park to spend some time in, and the views – while a bit hazy at times – were lovely.

Adventure bear, at a lovely nature-reclaiming park, that made extensive use of natural features, natural materials, and bioswales.

We sat and looked out over the lake for a while, while waiting for it to be time to go meet up again with Daddy.

Pook on a super big and driftwood-y Adirondack chair!

… it might have been a little large for him.



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