Adventure Pookie: Altoona PA

(Topic: Travel, weighted bears, blueberries, trains) Pookie wanted to dress like Daddy, and do Work. Daddy asked him what he was reading on Mommy’s tablet. Blueberry futures, said Pookie. Research. Important Work. Also, yummy. See, Daddy? Market shares. Sharing. Blueberry PIE. Important. Also, yummy. Hi Friends! As part of last fall’s travels, most of which

Fun themed birthday party

(Topic: Birthday party themes, reclaiming self) Hi Friends! Recently it was my birthday. This being a Saturday post, I don’t want to delve too deeply into the life-after-loss side of things, but I will briefly mention that choosing themes for my party, based on MY interests, is something I’ve decided to do post-loss, as a

Pookie’s First Flight

[trigger warning: this post will discuss themes related to strong emotion, miscarriage, fear, and grief]  Dear Friends, Guess who just took his first airplane flight?!? [and probably his last… more on that later]. We recently took a trip to Boston, and this was the first time I’d flown with Pookie. Previously, all trips we’ve taken

Golden Spike Triptych

Posting some older items, to catch up with what I’m working on now! Item Data:– Type: Acrylic painting on canvas– Date made: August 2011– Pattern: used photos of each engine for accuracy– Fabric: canvas– Trim: n/a– Time to finish: several days– Notes: The engines are painted using photographs of the original engines that participated in