Photography at Cooperrider Bog

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Hi Friends!

Recently, I went to Pookie’s favorite place, which is one of my favorites as well. We don’t go often, since it’s about 45 minutes away, but it’s only about 10 from where Charlie’s buried, so I’ll often go on days I visit the cemetery, if the weather’s nice enough.

It’s a local bog! – which is super cool anyway, because it’s a true glacial bog, apparently, with sphagnum moss and blueberries (thus, Pookie’s favorite place!) and cranberries and birch trees… just really pretty and quiet and usually a few degrees cooler than the surrounding area, too. There are also animals, though I usually don’t see many: birds that I can always hear, turtles (haven’t yet seen one), snakes (it was a garter snake I saw, and only one time). I almost always see many chipmunks, but not much of anything more, though I’m SURE there are others! And insects are pretty omnipresent except in winter. I love the dragonflies!

As you’ve seen in prior posts, one of my post-loss projects is finding my Self, and defining myself in other ways in addition to loss mama. One of the things I really enjoy – but have not yet achieved much mastery in – is photography. So here are a series of photos from my latest visit to the bog!

I think this looks like some sort of ancient times – not the Jurassic, but something exotically remote.

Birches and blueberry bushes.

Tamarack, I think.

Fog droplets on the needles.

Winding way.

Fall sky.

Fall ferns.

Animal tunnels? The blueberry bushes have little trails through them, each only maybe a foot high.

Across a marshy edge of the bog.

Wooded way

Thank you for looking at some of my favorite snapshots! I’m really happy with the composition and lighting a few of them, but all of them show one of my favorite places to take a short walk.



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