New Years Resolutions

(Topic: Life after loss, grief, holidays) Hi Friends, I’m terrible at New Years Resolutions, and anyway, resolutions work better when you come to them bit by bit and work on them piece by piece. But for fun, and for reflection, here are a few things that I’m currently working on: 1) Be patient with myself,

Am I Strong?

(Topic: grief, strength, definitions) Hi Friends, Several times recently, I have been told I am strong. Over the last few years, it’s happened a few times more. Most frequently I have been told this by strangers, who don’t know anything about me, and who have just heard about Charlie – and if I’m not crying,

Awareness Ribbon Shirt

(Topic: Grief, being in public, explaining) Hi Friends, Remember this shirt? A few days ago, I talked about how I altered the sleeves. Today I want to talk about wearing it. Here’s a picture of the front: I first wore this in public on Mother’s Day last year, and have worn it occasionally since. One

Photography at Cooperrider Bog

(Topic: Outdoors, New hobbies, touches on life after loss) Hi Friends! Recently, I went to Pookie’s favorite place, which is one of my favorites as well. We don’t go often, since it’s about 45 minutes away, but it’s only about 10 from where Charlie’s buried, so I’ll often go on days I visit the cemetery,