Pookie vs. Duvet Cover

(Topic: Weighted bear in my life as a character)

Hi Friends!

Many of you know Pookie by now. He shows up in lots of posts of his own, since he represents Charlie (more on weighted bears here). But he’s also developed his own personality, and I love making photo-stories of him participating in our life!

We use a duvet cover some of the time, and since our duvet is queen-sized, sometimes it’s quite a struggle to get all the edges lined up right!!! This time, Pookie nobly tried to lend a paw.

Step one: find the corner, and line it up with the corner of the cover.

Lining up big things is hard when you’re little.

Wait, where does that corner have to go?

Poor Pookie!!! Thanks so much for trying to help, little guy. It’s tough when the blanket is so much bigger than you are!



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