Sunflower Hat and Blanket

Sunflower Hat and Blanket

(Topic: Knitting, NICU donations) Hi Friends! This is a project I made at some point in the last three years, while I was in a knitting group that made blankets and hats for babies in the local NICU. I knitted quite a few, and I don’t think I’ve posted this one before! This is one

An Angel Baby Blanket

(Topic: Stillbirth, knitting, donation) Hi Friends! Well, anxiety makes it hard to sleep and lack of sleep sometimes gives me migraines – not a great combo for sitting down and writing. That said, I actually have a completed project to show you this week! In the past I have donate blankets to the NICU, but

Crocheted stripey scrap blanket

(Topic: Crocheting) Hi Friends, This is a project I’ve been doing for a long time (as in, many years).It started with some scrap cotton yarn I had, starting with a red stripe. Then I unraveled the (not stretchy non-wearable) socks, and those blues and yellows came next. Then I added some whole balls of cotton

Blue and Purple: The last baby blanket

(Topic: Knitting, NICU) Hi Friends! As you might recall, I’ve been working on baby blankets to be donated to the local NICU. In fact, you’ve seen the in-progress version of this very blanket before! Here are the last few steps, showing how I completed it.Also, I found out that the local infant loss support group

Pookie vs. Duvet Cover

(Topic: Weighted bear in my life as a character) Hi Friends! Many of you know Pookie by now. He shows up in lots of posts of his own, since he represents Charlie (more on weighted bears here). But he’s also developed his own personality, and I love making photo-stories of him participating in our life!

In Progress: Blue and Purple Baby Blanket

(Topic: Knitting) Hi Friends! Just a little update on another knitting project I have going. This is using a chenille yarn, and is knit in stockinette for the body and garter along the edges to reduce curl. The blue is a somewhat thinner yarn, so I might get a bit of accidental shaping from that.

Prayer Shawl 1, and a Sunflower

Dear Friends, One of the knitting groups I’m in, which meets at a church, makes prayer shawls/lap blankets for the VA hospital in a nearby city. I’ve been in that group for close to 2 years, but somehow that project somehow rarely seemed to be on the top of my pile. Well! Yesterday I finally

Valentine’s Day Baby Blanket

Valentine’s Day Baby Blanket For donation Last week, I finished this baby blanket I’ve been working on since Christmas. Planning ahead, I knew that Valentine’s Day is the next holiday that many people do, so I picked out a red and a white acrylic yarn that was soft and pretty. The pattern is simple (and

Cuddly Yellow Blanket

   Buttery Snuggle Blanket  This is a blanket I started out just because I had a pretty yarn! It was soft, and I loved the yellow with little tufts of other colors. I only got 2 skeins, though, because it was in the clearance bin and that’s all there were. I probably could have started