A Stocking for Pookie

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Hi Friends!

Recently I realized that, as Pookie has been more and more a member of our family in his own right (Who is Pookie? click here), and with the holiday season upon us, that he might need a stocking of his own!

I have successfully made two things with heels – which is not to say that the items or the heels were particularly successful, just that they are heels! But I had not up to this point actually made a sock with a turned heel using any specific method.

The first turned heel, made up as I went along (i.e. figuring out what reductions and additions made sense). Problem was, it was a non-stretchy choice of stitches in non-stretchy cotton – totally unworkable as an actual sock.
Charlie’s stocking, my other heel: shaped flat, then seamed.

I mentioned to the ladies at my local yarn shop that I wanted to do a stocking but didn’t know how to turn a heel. They told me to bring yarn, and they would help! So the next day I went there and got started with a light blue yarn that matches Pookie’s fur.

Turkish cast-on, halfway through a Fliegel heel.

It went well and turned out fine, I just didn’t love it for several reasons: The yarn didn’t end up being one I liked, the stocking ended up really floppy (mostly due to the yarn), and the stocking ended up way bigger than I wanted it to be.

Picture with Pook, for size comparison!

Since I wasn’t happy with it, I decided to cast on a new one, now that I knew how to do magic loop, Turkish toe, and a Fliegel heel!

I found a dark blue (with teal leanings) that I liked, and cast on a very small start. I actually could have done a bigger toe and not made it so pointy – oh well!

I also had been watching the ladies at the yarn shop do Fair Isle color work, and really wanted to get in on that game! I picked a coordinating brown/fawn color in the same yarn type. I’ve not done much color work before.

Liking it so far!

Nearly done with the heel. Unlike a normal sock, where the toe and heel have to be at right angles to fit a human foot, I decided that having the toe vertical actually would hang better on a mantelpiece.

Binding off. The P was tricky, and my tension wasn’t perfect, but I love the result.

Added a crocheted loop to hang it by.

Ta Da! I love how it turned out!

The full spread.

Pookie with his new stocking and stocking holder! He’s pretty pleased.

This was a super fun project! Thanks so much to the ladies at Farmhouse Yarn for all the help.



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