Mommy and Me Apron

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Hi Friends!

Well, I had a migraine on Saturday and was busy on Sunday, so here’s the post I was supposed to finish on Saturday. Oops!

This is a project I really, really enjoyed. This is the first matching outfit Pookie and I have.

This is my apron. I did not make it: I got it from and I like it. It’s not perfect, but it’s nice. I had to add some extra strap to the neck to make it long enough, for instance.

While I was at the fabric store finding cotton strap for MY apron, I found mini cotton strap!!! So I also found some red fabric that was similar enough to the canvas of my apron. The part that was tricky was finding a fabric that mimicked the pocket fabric on mine. After much hunting, I found this fabric in the flannels, which has as similar visual effect!

Laying it out after cutting out the basic shape.

Pinning the hems, and testing pocket size to get the right proportions.

All sewn, and I’ve added eyelets to mimic the grommets on mine.

All done! I hand stitched the straps.

Hanging with mine in the kitchen!

Pookie and Mommy handling dinner with panache!

He’s helping dry the dishes afterward, too. What a helpful bear!



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