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Hi Friends!

Last year I got a T-shirt from a large online personalization/printing company that sells hats, shirts, mugs, mousepads… anything you could print and personalize.

One of the designs they carry is a “Mother of an Angel” shirt! There are options out there, and this company’s shirt was one of the designs I liked better.

When I got the shirt, though, I was very disappointed in the sleeves, because I felt like I couldn’t lift my arms up, because they were sewn at a strange angle.

Well, I can sew, right? So I figured I’d try to fix them!
I found a piece of knit/jersey in a coordinating pink, and cut triangles, hemmed them, and inset them.

Note the corner pointing toward my elbow…

Because the original sleeve was so slanted down, that the triangle ends up making a bit of a corner, but that isn’t too bad. The only thing I could have done was actually make the triangle less wide. As it is, the sleeve is actually a bit too floppy and the pink kind of folds up on itself. But I don’t mind enough to change it! As it is, it took a shirt I was horribly frustrated with and didn’t want to wear, and turned it into a shirt I really like!



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