Awareness Ribbon Shirt

(Topic: Grief, being in public, explaining) Hi Friends, Remember this shirt? A few days ago, I talked about how I altered the sleeves. Today I want to talk about wearing it. Here’s a picture of the front: I first wore this in public on Mother’s Day last year, and have worn it occasionally since. One

Angel Mama Shirt

(Topic: Bereaved mothers, sewing, alterations) Hi Friends! Last year I got a T-shirt from a large online personalization/printing company that sells hats, shirts, mugs, mousepads… anything you could print and personalize. One of the designs they carry is a “Mother of an Angel” shirt! There are options out there, and this company’s shirt was one

Santa Pook

? We were out getting a Christmas tree, tromping through the snowy tree field picking one out to cut, when hubby said that Pookie really needed a Santa hat. I agreed, and thought to myself that maybe I could pick one up at a dollar store. Well… I found some red fleece and an old

Tiger Shirt 1

Hi Friends! I didn’t get a lot of feedback, but the feedback I did get was pretty clear: Keep showing how I make things! Well, ok! I was at Joann’s a few weeks back, searching for fabric for a curtain (didn’t find what I wanted), when I found this MARVELOUS tiger print!!! I thought I’d

Half-Mourning Shirt

Hi! Yep, I’m mixing eras! Oops! I found a t-shirt with meaning to me at Goodwill, and it happened to be in lavender and thus be perfect for half mourning. Hurrah! But wait, it doesn’t fit… However, upon consideration, I realized it would be perfect if I expanded it by adding panels to the side

Doll’s Clothes: Start Small

Before I began crafting my clothing on a realistic, to-wear, human-sized scale, I began by trying out my skill on small pieces, crafted for a 16″ doll.All of the dolls pictured (except the plastic one!) are Waldorf-style dolls that my mother made for me and for each of my siblings.Thank you, Mom, for Molly! Garment