Folia Cowl, post 3 (work in progress)

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Hi Friends!

Remember this gorgeous yarn?

Look at that hand-dyed shading! Swoon!

You may remember this yarn from the leafy shawl I posted about here, here, here, here, here, and here (it took a while to finish!).

I also bought these buttons, but didn’t use them on the cedar leaf shawlette.

On my current pattern, the Folia Cowl (which WILL use the buttons), I already posted here about figuring out the gauge and starting the initial seed stitch band.

Then here I posted this picture, of the first full lace repeat:

Well, I’m now well on my way! It’s not nearly done (I think I’m about halfway) but the lace repeats are fitting together nicely and looking leafy and wonderful.

A drapey picture with TERRIBLE lighting. It’s not this awful color.

A much nicer picture. Isn’t it GORGEOUS? I think it needs to be about twice as long, and then I’ll finish with a buttonhole band, and add the buttons to the end already done. And of course I’ll post pics of me wearing it! At this rate, though, don’t expect anything till at least fall…

I’ll keep you updated. Progress may be slow, but I’m loving how it’s turning out!



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